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Coil tester

We are developing and marketing Coil Testers, KL Series to test electrical properties of coils in a nondestructive method.


KL-901/902 can measure the number of winding, layer short and core material by comparing vibration waveforms of the applied voltage to the standard coil and the test coil. This instrument also can
find an insulation failure by checking applying high pulse voltage and corona discharge .



Non-destructive test
Test is performed by applying impulse.
Touch LCD screen
Operation is very easy thanks to the touch screen.
196 waveforms (Built-in memory), 700 waveforms (Compact flash memory)
High-speed sampling (100MHz)
OK/NG judgment
Area, difference and amount of corona are compared for judgment
RS-232C for standard equipment
Applied voltage KL-901: 50V`1000V (5m joule Max.)
KL-902: 0.5kV`5.0kV (0.12 joule Max.)
KL-903: 1000V`10000V (0.5 joule Max.)
Judgment parameters Area deviation
Differential area deviation
Testing speed 0.5s minimum
Memory 196 waveforms (Built-in memory), 700 waveforms (Compact flash memory)
Processor 68000 compatible 16 bits
Waveform resolution A/D conversion: 8bits
Conversion speed: 10ns (Width 0) V-axis 512 bytes
Display 8.4" TFT color LCD monitor 640 x 480(VGA)
External control Start, OK, NG, Reset, Buzzer, Master waveform No.,
Power source(DC24V,200mA), Ground,
Amphenol 24 pin connector, Printer port, RS-232C
Power Source AC 100/115/220/240V }5%,
approx. 200VA
Dimensions/Weight KL-901, KL-902: 342(W) x 180(H) x 370(D) approx. 12kg
KL-903: 345(W) x 373(H) x 370(D) approx. 18kg
Option Ethernet adaptor

Switching Unit KLZ-08B, KLZ-09

KLZ-08B and KLZ-09 are circuit switching units suited to the coil tester KL-901 or KL-902 to test coils while switching one by one for OK/NG judgment.


[ Characteristics ]
1. These appliances are automatically controlled by external signals.
2. These appliances deal with various types of coils because of the setting of a test waveform for each circuit is available.
3. Work saving at the point of production and efficiency of the test can be promised.

Testing circuit

KLZ-08B: Impulse: 3 circuits Withstand foltage:1 circuit
KLZ-902: Impulse: 3 circuits

Power supply voltage

AC-100V - 240V 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption

150VA or less

Outlet figuration

Parallel 3pins grounding receptacle

Use environment

5 - 40Ž 20 - 80%RH

Storage temperature

-10 - 50Ž 5 - 90%RH

Testing mode



190(W) x 100(H) x 320(D) approx. 2.5kg

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