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Curve Tracers

Curve tracers as TCT and SCT series.
The curve tracer can measure static characteristics of semiconductors such as transistor, FETs, thyristors, diodes and ICs.
While with the constant measuring instrument or characteristics tester the operator measures a characteristic value at each point by switching the applied voltage, the curve tracer allows the operator to observe a wide range of characteristics at a glance and easily know a characteristic value at each desired point on the curve.



TCT-2004 is a highly-sensitive and multifunctional curve tracer to measure static and dynamic characteristic of semiconductors. it is equipped with digital storage, thereby permitting it to display stationary waveform. Maximum applicable voltage to the collector is }2kV and maximum current sensitivity is 100pA/DIV. Thus, the instrument can precisely measure kinds of semiconductors. 


Easy operation
Panel operation can be program-controlled and measurement conditions can be checked on the display screen.
GO/NO-GO judgment
GO/NO-GO can be judged using the cursor.
Comparative display
Reference waveform can be displayed together with each actual waveform for comparison.
GP-IB for standard equipment

Collector supply

Modes AC, DC, full-wave rectification
Peak volt/current 20V/10A (pulse 20A)
200V/1A (pulse 2A)
2kV/ (0`750V: 0.1A, 750V`2kV: 75W)
Series resistors 0 - 1M/20V,200V, 1-2-5 progression, 20 steps
10k - 10M/2kV, 1-2-5 progression, 10 steps
Step generator

Voltage range 5mV - 2V/step, 1-2-5 progression, 6 steps
Current range 5nA - 200mA/step, 1-2-5 progression, 21 steps
Number of steps 0-10, selectable
Pulse step 80s/300s }10%
Vertical axisr
Collector current 1A/div - 5A/div (max. 20A), 1-2-5 progression, 21 steps, 100nA/div with x 0.1
Emitter current 1nA/div - 5mA/div (max. 20A), 1-2-5 progression, 21 steps, 100pA/div with x0.1
Horizontal axisr
Collector voltage 50mV/div - 500V/div, 1-2-5 progression, 13 steps, 5mV/div with x0.1
Baseline 50mV/div - 5V/div, 1-2-5 progression, 7 steps

Connection to step source, individual magnification selection,
inverted display, display offset
Storage media Backup memory, floppy disk
Data display Vertical and horizontal scale values, step value,
vertical and horizontal cursor values, offset value,
b/gm, collector supply, AUX supply
Interface Plotter, GPIB
AUX supply 0 - }40V, 20mV steps
Dimensions/Weight 320 (W) x 455 (H) x 690 (D) mm, approx. 36kg




The SCT-2FR traces characteristic curves of diodes and silicon sym-metrical switches(SSS). Highly sophisticated circuits are used foramplification on current and voltage axes, ensuring highly preciseobservation of sharply changing characteristics of semiconductors.


Collector supply

Modes AC, Half-wave rectification
Peak volt/current 20V/10A
Series resistors 0 - 1M/20V,200V, 1-2-5 progression, 13 steps
10k - 10M/2kV, 1-2-5 progression, 10 steps

Horizantal 0.1V-200V/DIV, 1-2-5 progression, 11 ranges
Vertical 0.1A-2A/DIV, 1-2-5 progression, 23 ranges
Dimensions/Weight 235 (W) x 325 (H) x 420 (D) mm, approx. 18kg


TCT/SCT Series Comparison Table
  Sweep Power Vertical Axis Horizontal Axis
Modes Voltage Collector Current/Division Collector Voltage/Division
TCT-2004AC, full wave rectification, DC 0~2kV
1A~5A (x1, x 0.1) 50mV~500V (x1, x 0.1)

AC, half wave rectification

0~2kV 0.1A~2A/DIV 0.1V~200V/DIV

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