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LCR Meter

LCRThe LCR Meter is a instrument that measures electric parameters such as inductance, capacitance, resistance and impedance. Frequency and signal level are variable.

Curve Tracer

CurveThe Curve Tracer allows the operation to measure static characteristic curves of semiconductors such as transistors, FETs, thyristors, diodes and ICs. We have several models such as high sensitivity multifunctional which its applicable collector voltage is }2kV and the maximum current sensitivity is 100pA/DIV.

Coil Tester

CoilThe Coil Tester can measure the number of winding, layer short and core material by comparing vibration waveforms of the applied voltage to the standard coil and the test coil. This instrument also can find an insulation failure by applying high pulse voltage and checking the corona discharge.

Automatic Coil Test System

MakiThis system combined with the LCR meter is capable to measure the inductance and the dissipation factor of the coil when DC current is superimposed. We have several models in different superimposed current.