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DC Tester

We have been developing and selling customized testers and other systems. These products acquire a favorable reputation as a FA leader from customers home and abroad.

SM-1001 This production line-oriented,low-priced diode tester is designed to be used in combination with a handler.
SM-1099 Prepared abundant options, this production line- oriented diode tester copes with multiple applications.(2CH)
SM-2003 This production line-oriented tester is intended to measure mid-power transistors. it features high speed and high accuracy.1500V/30A (Standard) 3000V100A,200A (Option)
SM-2002 Four units can connect to the system controller via GP-IB, thereby enabling Efficient centralized control of production line.1000V10A
SM-2299 This tester accurately measures electrical characteristics of transistor and FETs at high speeds. Eight units can connect to PC.
Orders of dynamic characteristics testers are acceptable.

SM-2009 Discrete Semiconductor Tester

SM-2299 is the tester which can quickly and accurately measure electrical characteristics of the transistor and the FET. The system controller (personal computer) can control up to eight testers. Combination with high-speed handlers and wafer probing machines build up rationalized configuration of the production lines.
Programs will be operated by Windows.

Number of tests
99 tests/stations
Measurement time
100μs - 999ms
24 sorts
Measurement data
high-speed 16-bit type (4-digit display)
Bias power
600V/10mA, 20V/3A
Operating system
Test station
1test station is connectable.
   Main unit

430(W)x 253(H) x 550(D) mm
85(W) x 240(H) x 280(D) mm