We, Koyo Electronics, do practice business activities harmonious with each relationship of economic, society and environment, aiming for realization of our mission "contribute to happiness of people and creating affulent society through Monozukuri". As a good corporate citizen, we consolidate trust from stakeholders even more, and do practice the effort that contributes sustainable development of society and earth.
We expect our suppliers to understand this meaning and act according to this.

Corporate Philosophy

We, Koyo Electronics, respond to customer's expetiation and contribute to the creation of happy society.

Management Stance

  1. 1.With globalized and positive management, we aim for more growth with customer while having foresight.
  2. 2.We create a new value, and construct the society filled with pleasure and emotion with customer.
  3. 3.We will cherish all people, and create bright corporate culture filled with vitality.

Corporate Activities Standards

  1. 1.We follow proper business practices and engage in fair, transparent and free competition based on a respect for the law.
  2. 2.We derive concepts from the market, provide the best in quality, technology and service, and obtain the satisfaction and trust of customers.
  3. 3.We carry out global environmental improvement activities spontaneously and aggressively.
  4. 4.We respect the individuality of employees, create workplaces that are motivating to employees and enable them to fulfill their potential , and strive to provide each with abundant living circumstances.
  5. 5.We maintain close communication with society, and disclose corporate information properly.
  6. 6.As a good corporate citizen, aggressively pursue activities that contribute society.
  7. 7. We follow international rules, observe the laws, cultures and customs of countries and regions where we have operations, and seek to contribute to their growth.

Concept of CSR

Concept of CSR
  • CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)
    CSR is the responsibility of company for society when company make continuous business activities.
  • Stakeholders
    Stakeholders are people who have interests with us like customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, investor and stockholder, and become objects we should make the social responsibility to.