Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. is well aware that environmental issues are key challenges to be addressed by all people and will work to preserve the global environment and contribute to society under the principle of operating in harmony with the environment.

Basic Policy

In line with its fundamental philosophy, KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. introduces the following basic policy:

  1. 1.KOYO will move ahead with proactive environmental conservation activities through all of its business activities and provision of control device products and services.
  2. 2.KOYO will endeavor to prevent environmental pollution, develop an environmental management system integrated with business activities and reinforce it constantly.
  3. 3.KOYO will not only comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as other accepted standards and codes but will also fulfill its corporate responsibility in a voluntary and proactive manner.
  4. 4.KOYO will ask its suppliers of components and materials and service contractors to address environmental issues.
  5. 5.KOYO will endeavor in education to ensure that all of its employees are aware of the importance of environmental considerations.
  6. 6.KOYO will make this Environmental Policy known to all its personnel and will actively disclose it to related companies and organizations as well as to the public.

Action Guidelines

  1. 1.With the aim of creating a recycling society, KOYO will conduct the following environmental activities:
    1) KOYO will minimize its consumption of resources and energy.
    2) KOYO will strive for waste reduction and optimal recycling in an attempt to achieve zero emissions.
    3) KOYO will reduce consumption and emission of chemical substances and replace environmentally hazardous substances.
  2. 2.KOYO will foster the following activities to achieve harmony with the environment in concert with its customers:
    1) KOYO will work to identify environmental needs by communicating with customers.
    2) KOYO will strive to minimize the environmental impact of its products and to improve its technical capability so as to effectively address environmental issues.
    3) KOYO will actively develop eco-friendly products and introduce them to the market.
  3. July 1, 2010
    Hideo Kuwabara

    Acquisition of the ISO 14001 Certification

    On December 29, 2000, KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. acquired the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), a certification body accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

    Registration Date:December 29, 2000
    Certification Number:77620
    Scope of Registration:Head Office and Oizumi Plant (Yamanashi Prefecture)
    Certifying Body:BVJ(Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.)