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Series Common

  • KPP / KoyoPLCProgrammingSoftware_Setup(V1_6_5_11)(82 MB)

    December 25, 2020 Update

    Downloaded file is Zip file. After unzipping, please open
    'KoyoPLCProgrammingSoftware_Setup (V1.6.5.11).exe'
    And refer to Installation Guide (present in the same folder as the exe) before installing the software.

    [Update Details of KPP V1.6.5.11]
    Fixed the following problems
    ‘1.Fixed the problem of that it incorrectly imported Nickname/wiring
    information/Comment exported by KPP / DirectSOFT 5.1J.
    ‘2. Fixed the problem of that ‘the digit of ten thousand’ of bit input and bit output lacked
    after preserving a project and opening a project when using CTRIO command.
    ‘3. Fixed the problem of that when its setting was D2-265, it could not connect with D2-
    262 and D2-263(Default project).
    ‘4. Fixed the problem of that the first line of circuit comment in multiple lines was not
    ‘5. Fixed the problem of that device information of B/PB register in D2-263 was not
    written to PLC and read from PLC.
    ‘6. Fixed the problem of that device information of SP register in SJ-ETHER was not
    written to PLC and read from PLC.

    * The project created with this version cannot be opened with the KPP old version V1.6.4.3 or older.
    (It is possible to open a project created with V1.6.4.3 or older version by using this new version)

    When you open the project created with this version by using the old version, then please do the following
    -Export the project created with this version (txt or kpd or xml)
    -Import the exported file with the old version
    Only information of ladder program is available by using import/export.
    Please setup each kind of PLC manually.

  • This file, when used without a keycode, will install the latest version of DirectSOFT100, the "free" version of DirectSOFT5. DirectSOFT100 gives you the same features as the full version of DirectSOFT5 but allows only 100 Words of ladder code to be downloaded to the PLC. Use the DirectSoft5 keycode you received when purchasing DirectSOFT5 to install the latest release of PC-DSOFT5, the full version of DirectSOFT5.

Direct Logic205 Series


  • We published firmware along with updating of SJ-ETHER(V2.610 ⇒ V2.620).

    【V2.620 Updated details】
    ●Modified problem with sending DirectNet fragmented packets
    ●Modified the interrupt of the MAC management counter
    ●Modified Ethernet communication stack size
    ●Modified MODBUS / TCP Server error response



KOSTAC safety AZ-C1

Direct Logic05/06 Series

Direct Logic205 Series

Direct Logic305 Series

Direct Logic405 Series

Terminator I/O