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KCN-□WT-□ replace the one-stage setting



I would like to replace the KCN- □ WT- □ used in the one-step setting.
Please tell me the successor model and update procedure when updating to the current product.



The successor model will be the KCV series.
However, there are some operation modes cannot be replaced.
Since there are differences in specifications, please check the following notes when replacing.


Model number comparison table

KCN-W series KCV series remarks
KCN-4WT KCV-4S 4-digit AC power supply transistor output
KCN-6WT KCV-6S 6 digit AC power supply transistor output
KCN-4WT-C KCV-4S-C 4-digit DC power supply transistor output
KCN-6WT-C KCV-6S-C 6-digit DC power supply transistor output


1.The maximum counting speed is different. (KCN-W: 5kHz → KCV: 10kHz)

2.The terminal block arrangement and setup menu items / display order are different between KCN-W and KCV.

3.The key protection method is different.

4. KCV does not output when the set value is 0.

5.The depth dimension of the product is different. (AC power supply: + 10mm, DC power supply: + 5mm)

6.Set the KCV with prediction output setting to “zero”.

About operation

Output operation mode Replaceability
Mode 1: Hold output / continue counting
Mode 2: One-shot output / count reset
Mode 3: One-shot output / counting hold ×
Mode 4: Hold output / Count hold ×
Mode 7: Count value ≤ preset value ×
Mode 8: Count value ≥ preset value ×

Input connection method


Output connection method


Preset value

Both KCN-W / KT-V are set with each digit key.

Settings in setup mode

The setting order of the setup mode menu is different between KCN-W and KT-V.
In addition, some functions have changed to DIP SW settings.
Please set up referring to the figure below.


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