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Parallel connection of totem pole outputs



The TRD-N / GK series totem pole output is used by being connected to the high speed counter input of the PLC.
Adding a fast counter to use for another control,
Is it possible to connect in parallel?
The high-speed counter input has a pull-up voltage of 24V and a current of 2 to 5mA for both + common and -common.



The TRD-N series totem pole output is a specification of current sink (inflow) 30mA / current source (outflow) 10mA.
Therefore, when the high-speed counter input current of PLC is 5mA,
+ Up to 6 units when used in common [Current sink (inflow) 30mA ÷ High-speed counter input current 5mA]
-When used in common, up to 2 units can be connected. [Current source (outflow) 10mA ÷ High-speed counter input current 5mA]
However, if it is used near the rated upper limit, perform sufficient operation verification.
The TRD-GK series totem pole output is limited to 6 units because both the current sink (inflow) and current source (outflow) are 30mA specifications.


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