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GC-7x replace



I would like to update the GC-70 series display.

Please tell me the successor model and update procedure when updating to the current product.



The GC-70 series is currently being replaced by the GC-A2 series, but it is not a fully compatible product.

In addition, F / W Ver0.1.1.0 Build01 or later (produced after January 2021), GC-7x compatibility mode with improved compatibility with the old series is now available.

The project migration procedure when using this is as follows.

For details, please read the explanation below from the model number comparison table.


1. A USB memory is required to download the project to the GC-A2 series.

2. The connected device you are using is Please check if it is listed in “Vol_8_2_SCA2_SCREEN CREATOER 5” posted here.

3. In addition, display restrictions will occur due to changes in screen resolution.

Model number comparison table

GC-70 Successor GC-A2 screen size External dimensions Panel cut
GC-73LM-R GC-A24-RS *1 7.0 inch wide 800×480(WVGA) no change no change
GC-73LM-S GC-A24 *1 7.0 inch wide 800×480(WVGA) no change no change
GC-76LC GC-A26 *2 10.4 inches 800×600(SVGA) no change no change

* 1: The screen size / resolution is different.
* 2: The screen resolution is different.

Replacement procedure

If you do not have a project on your computer, start with “③ Backing up from the GC-70 display to a USB memory”.

① Open the project

1.Select the project from “Project”-> “Open” of SC5 and press “OK”.

② Download to USB memory

2. Attach the USB memory to the USB port of the personal computer.

3. Select “Project”-> “Download” of SC5.

4. Check “Transfer from CF card”, “Recompile all screens”, “Transfer project and enable upload editing”.

5. Press “Create and Transfer”.

6. Specify the drive name of the attached USB port and press OK. GC50_DrvSel

7.When the transfer is complete, remove the USB memory.

The next work is from “21.”.

Please skip “③ Backup from GC-70 display to USB memory”.

③ Backup from GC-70 display to USB memory

11. Turn on the power of the GC-70 display and attach the USB memory to the USB port.

12. Press and hold the upper left corner of the GC-70 display screen to switch to the system screen.。

13. Press “Download”.

14. Select “Backup”-> “System Transfer” and press “Next”.

15. Select “USB Mass Storage” and press “Start”.

16. When the backup is finished, remove the USB memory and turn off the power.

④ Switch the firmware of the GC-A2 display to “SC5 mode”

21. Attach the USB memory to the GC-A2 display.

22. If you turn on the power while touching the upper left corner of the GC-A2 display screen, the system screen will be displayed.

23. Touch “Settings”-> “Option”-> “SC5FW”-> “yes” to restart the GC-A2 display as a GC-70 equivalent.
GCA_SettingsMenu  GCA_OptionMenu  GCA_SC5FW_Switch

⑤ Transfer from USB memory to display

24. Select “Download”-> “USB Mass Storage” from the system screen.

25. Press “Start” to start downloading the project.

26. When the download is complete, the display will start.

⑥ GC-A2 display initial setting

27. Make the necessary settings for operation such as “Serial port setting” from “System setting” on the system screen.

28. After completing the settings, press “User Mode” to start operation as a display.


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