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GC-70 series update to SCA2



I would like to update the GC-70 series.

At that time, I would like to use the new drawing software: SCREEN CREATOR ADVANCE 2 (hereinafter referred to as SCA2).

Please tell me the procedure for migrating to the successor model and new tool when updating to the current product.



The GC-70 series is currently being replaced by the GC-A2 series, but it is not a fully compatible product.

The project migration procedure when using the new tool (SCA2) is as follows.

For details, please read the explanation below from the model number comparison table.


1. If the project for GC-70 is not on your computer, you need to perform operations such as uploading from the display and restoring the uploaded project.

2. If the project uploaded from the display does not have editable screen data, or if you are using a connected device (PLC) that is not compatible with SCA2, it cannot be replaced.

3. In addition, display restrictions will occur due to changes in screen resolution.

4. For details, see here. Please see “Vol_8_SCA2_Model number transfer_V02”.

Model number comparison table

GC-70 Successor GC-A2 Screen size
GC-73LM-R GC-A24-RS 7.0 inch wide 800×480(WVGA)
GC-73LM-S GC-A24 7.0 inch wide 800×480(WVGA)
GC-76LC GC-A26 10.4 inches 800×600(SVGA)

Replacement procedure

If you have a project on your computer, start with “④ Open the project”.

① Upload

1. Connect your computer and GC-70 with a commercially available USB cable.

2. Select “Project”-> “Upload”-> “Upload” of the drawing tool SCREEN CREATOR 5 (hereinafter SC5).

3. Select the model number in “Panel”.

4. Check “Transfer via USB” and press “Run”.

② Restore

After uploading, execute SC5 “Project”-> “Upload”-> “Restore Upload Project”.

③ E250 error

At this time, if the message “E250 project has not been downloaded” appears, the editable project has not been downloaded to the display side, so no further work can be done.

For details, refer to the user’s manual “Vol.2 Operation 4-72 Download”.

Because it was downloaded without checking “Transfer project files and enable upload editing” when downloading.

④ Open the project

1.Select the project from “Project”-> “Open” of SC5 and press “OK”.

⑤ Check connected devices

1. Check if the connected device you are using is listed in “GC-7x Series Compatible Manual 3-2. Compatible PLC”.

2. If it is not on the list, no further work can be done.

⑥ Create download data

1. Select “Project”-> “Download” of SC5.

2. Check “Transfer from CF card”, “Recompile all screens”, “Transfer project and enable upload editing”.

3.Press “Create”.

⑦ Make a backup

1. Check “Back up your library members” from “Project”-> “Backup”.

2. After specifying the backup destination folder name, press “Execute”.

⑧ New tool: Read with SCA2

1. Start SCA2.

2. From “File” “Open File”, set “File Type” to “GC-5x / 7x Project File (* .PRO)” and select the folder backed up by SC5.

3.Select “* .PRO file” in the folder and press “Open” to start file conversion.

⑨ Project modification / modification

1. After the conversion is completed, if any errors occur, correct them.

2. After modifying or modifying the project, download it to GC-A2.

⑩GC-Download the project to A2

1. Turn on the power of GC-A2.

2. Connect the PC and GC-A2 with a USB cable.

(If you connect for the first time, the device driver will be installed, so wait until the installation is completed.)

3. Go to SCA2 “Panel”-> “Download”.

4. Check “Transfer to panel via USB”, “Recompile all screens”, “Transfer project and make it recoverable”, and press “Create and transfer”.


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