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HMI display backup battery replacement



The display is running.
Please tell me the model number of the backup battery and the replacement procedure.



Some GC / EA7 series programmable displays use batteries to operate the built-in clock.

GC-50 series

Replacement battery

GC-53 □: CR2025, GC-55 / GC-56 □: CR2450

Replacement procedure

1. Turn on the power for at least 5 minutes before starting work.

2. Turn off the power and remove the back cover.

3. Replace the battery in the holder within 3 minutes.

For details, see the instruction manual “8. Built-in battery” in the “Related Manual”.

GC-70 series / EA7 series / GC-A14 series

Replacement battery

All models: CR2354

Replacement procedure

1. Turn on the power and pull out the battery holder on the back.

2. Replace the battery and return the battery holder to its original position.

GC-A2x series

Since a large-capacity capacitor is used, replacement is not required.


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GC-53 product bundled instruction manual
GC-55 / 56 product bundled instruction manual

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