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Error code E250



A GC-70 series indicator is attached to the device.
I uploaded the project with the drawing tool SCREEN CREATOR 5 to update to the GC-A2x series.
After that, when I executed the restore operation of the upload project, the message “E250 project has not been downloaded” appears and the operation cannot be performed.
What should I do?



When downloading a project from the drawing tool to the GC series display, there is a checkbox that says “Transfer project file and enable upload editing” or “Transfer project file and enable restore”.

This is a feature that prevents end users from unnecessarily editing a project.

If you download without checking here, only the compiled data for the display to work will be downloaded, and the editable project will not be downloaded to the display.

On the other hand, if you use the “GC-7x compatibility mode” added in the firmware version of the GC-A2x series V0.1.1.0 Build 03 or later, the GC-A2x series will operate as the GC-7x.

Therefore, if you do not need to modify or change the screen, the compiled data of GC-70 will work as it is.

Please check the version of GC-A2x. In this case, download to GC-A2x is only via USB memory or SD card.

Select “Transfer from CF card” from “Project” “Upload project download” and proceed with the operation.

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