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Visual Scope Update to Windows10



I used Visual Scope in an OS environment such as Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7, but I would like to update my computer to Windows 10.

Are there any precautions?



The CD you have cannot be used in a Windows 10 environment.

Please follow the steps below to reinstall.

Migration procedure

1) From this page Please download the latest version.

(The latest version is Ver3.01 Build02)

2) Remove the license key from your computer.

3) If it was installed from the first purchased CD on your Windows 10 computer, uninstall it.

4) Use the latest version of the CD and reinstall.

* Install in a folder other than the Programs Files folder.

* The last 3 digits of the license key number entered at the time of installation are “301”.

5) Attach the license key to your computer.


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