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To save the data file



If I select the “Save and View” button while connected to OnSinView2, can I save the file to the media built into my computer?



Select the “Save and View” button to save the file to the media built into your PC.
At this time, the folder and file name must be specified (optional) by the customer.
When you do this, saving will start according to the file name.
(Similar to when recording to SD, when the file capacity of about 390 Mbyte is reached, the end of the file name is automatically incremented and multiple files are automatically created.)

Supplement [File name]

The file will continue to operate while automatically changing the file name, separated by approximately 390MByte to 400Mbyte (ODR = 3200Hz for 3 hours or more).
Example; When the file name is “user-specified file”.

User-specified file .bin

User-specified file 1.bin

User-specified file 2.bin

Numbering (increment) at the end of the repeat

(Continued until the media is full)

* If you open it with Explorer etc., you can specify the approximate end date and time of the file from the file creation date and time.
Writing to the disc is continued intermittently.
In particular, HDD has a mechanical structure, so please pay attention to its life.


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