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SU series BATT LED blinking / RB-7 replacement



SU series is in operation. The BATT LED started blinking at high speed.
How to deal with it?



SU series user programs and system parameters are stored in the memory cartridge.
When the memory cartridge is G-03M or G-05M, the backup battery RB-7 is built in, because the memory element is SRAM.
When the voltage of this battery becomes about 2.5V or less, the BATT LED of the CPU blinks at 0.25 second interval.
RB-7 is obsolete and is no longer available.
Save the program and system parameters to disk using programming software without turning off the CPU.
After that, purchase the EEPROM type memory cartridge G-25M, replace it with G-03M and G-05M, and write the backed up program and system parameters.


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