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SU series 64 points I / O precautions



I am trying to use a 64-point I / O module for the SU (D4) series.
Are there any precautions?



Communication modules such as H4-ECOM100 cannot be installed behind the 64-point input / output module.
Be sure to install it in front of the 64-point input / output module.

The following modules cannot be installed in slots 5, 6 and 7 of the base on which the 64-point input / output module is installed.
Install these modules in slots 0-4 of the base (CPU-equipped base).

Module name Model number remarks
Upper link module U-01DM / D4-DCM Cannot be attached to the expansion base
Link module U-23RM
U-02RM / D4-RM
U-03RM / D4-SM
Temperature control module U-4LTC
Ethernet module H4-ECOM / H4-ECOM100

PLC D2 series


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