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Analog configuration volume



I heard that SZ-4 (D2-240) is used for the equipment, but it has already been abolished.
The successor is D2-263, but it uses the analog setting volume of the CPU module.
How can I replace this?



The analog setting volume is a function that directly changes the following registers.
The successor D2-263 does not have this function.
If the register value is changed frequently, consider using a display.
If you want to use it only when adjusting the device and do not change it after the adjustment is completed, consider using a handy programmer (S-20P).

Analog setting volume function

Channel ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4
Lower limit setting register R7640 R7642 R7644 R7646
Lower limit setting register R7640 R7642 R7644 R7646
Upper limit setting register R7641 R7643 R7645 R7647
Analog data storage register R3374 R3375 R3376 R3377


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