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SJ-Ether EtherNet/IP communication



I want to use EtherNet / IP communication with the SJ-Ether series.
What should I do?



The SJ-Ether series can be used as a target (slave station).

For details, see the user’s manual (EtherNet / IP communication).

(For the setting of the master station, refer to the product manual of each company you are using.)

The outline of the usage procedure is as follows.

(1) Import the EDS file into the originator (master station) and set it.

(2) Set the SJ-Ether IP address and subnet mask ( in Port 3 of “PLC”-> “PLC setting”-> “general-purpose communication port setting” of KPP (Koyo PLC Programming software).

(2) For protocol settings, check “EtherNet / IP target”.

(3) Click “EtherNet / IP Target”.

(4) When receiving data from the master, check “Original → Target” and set each item.

(5) When the master reads the data, check “Target-> Original” and set each item.

* It is not necessary to set up a ladder program for EtherNet / IP communication in SJ-Ether.

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