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SJ-Ether CC-Link IEF Basic communication



I want to use CC-Link IE Field Basic communication with the SJ-Ether series.
What should I do?



The SJ-Ether series can be used as a slave station.

For details, see Chapter 4 4-3 CC-Link IEF Basic Communication in the SJ-Ether User’s Manual.

(For the setting of the master station, refer to the product manual of each company you are using.)

The outline of the procedure for using SJ-Ether is as follows.

(1) Set the IP address and subnet mask ( of SJ-Ether in Port3 of “PLC”-> “PLC setting”-> “general-purpose communication port setting” of KPP (Koyo PLC Programming software).

(2) Check “CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave” for protocol settings.

(3) Click “CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave” and set the number of occupied stations (* 1).

(4) Set the start address of the area that receives data from the master.

(5) Set the start address of the area read from the slave by the master.

* 1: 64 relay points and 32 register words are transferred per station. (If the number of occupied stations is 4, it is 4 times)

* 2: The number of slaves that can be connected to the network differs depending on the FW version of SJ-Ether.

Up to 16 units after Ver2.610. We recommend that you update the FW to the latest version.

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