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SJ-Ether Modbus/TCP communication(slave)



I want to use modbus / TCP communication with the SJ-Ether series as a slave station.
What should I do?



For details, see Chapter 4 4-4 MODBUS / TCP Communication in the SJ-Ether User’s Manual.

The outline of the procedure for using SJ-Ether is as follows.

(1) Set the IP address and subnet mask of SJ-Ether in Port3 of “PLC”-> “PLC setting”-> “general-purpose communication port setting” of KPP (Koyo PLC Programming software).

(2) Check “Modbus / TCP Client and Server” for protocol settings.

(3) Click “Modbus / TCP Clients and Servers”.

(4) The client (master) settings may be the factory default values.

(5) Set the TCP port number / timeout time in the server (slave) settings.

* SJ-Ether does not require a ladder program for data communication.

For the master station settings, see the product manual of each company you are using.

sIf there is a unit ID (slave ID) in the master station settings, set it to zero.

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