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D2 32/64points I/O terminal block



I would like to adopt the 32 points (64 points) I / O of the D2 series.
(Same for D2-02PM)
Is a terminal block connector included?



The terminal block connector is not included with the product.
Please choose from the following three methods.

Adoption of terminal unit

Terminal units (TF-32D, TF-32DL) and cables (P-C525 □ J- □) can be used.
(Cannot be used for D2-64ND3, D2-64TD1, D2-02PM)
Please see here for details.

Adoption of processed cable

U-30JH is available. (All model numbers can be used)
Please see here for details.

Cable self-made

See the table below for soldering type connectors and cover models.

connector Manufacturer Model D2-32xx D2-64xx D2-02PM
Connector body Fujitsu Component FCN-361J040-AU
Connector cover FCN-360C040-J1 ×
Connector cover FCN-360C040-J2
Product body side connector (FCN-365P040-AU)

* Spare parts (model number: LC-010) that include FCN-361J040-AU and FCN-360C040-J1 are available.

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