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Connection with SA / SR series PC



I am trying to back up the SA / SR series PLC program to a computer disk.
Which programming software, PLC and computer connection cable should I choose?



The SA / SR series does not have a serial communication port.
The serial communication unit E-03DM is required to connect to a personal computer.
However, this series has already been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.
Please contact us as it can be rented if necessary.
For programming software, download DirectSOFT5.1 Build34 (DS5Installre_Build034) from our website, install it, and use it.
(“KPP: Koyo plc Programming Software” does not support SA / SR-21 / 22)
* For customers using SA-20 / SR-20 Here Please refer to the.

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When using a commercially available USB-serial port conversion cable, install the manufacturer’s genuine device driver and check with device manager of the personal computer, that the serial port has been added..
At that time, set the serial port to be COM1 to COM8.

E-03 DM switch setting

Set the switch of E-03DM as shown in the figure below.
Area code: 1 Baud rate: 19200bps Parity: None Self-diagnosis: None Delay: None Operation mode: PRG mode ACII / HEX: HEX
Online / offline switch: Online (right (top) side)


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