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How to configure Port 2



D0-05 (D0-06) I would like to create a communication program using port 2 of the CPU main unit.
I saw the user’s manual for D0-05 (D0-06), but I don’t understand how to set the communication conditions for port 2.



Method 1: Set with KPP (Koyo PLC Programming Software).

Method 2: Set communication conditions in the ladder program.

Please set by either method.

How to set with KPP

From the KPP menu, go to [PLC] → [PLC Settings] → [General-purpose communication port], switch the port to “Port2”, and set.

How to set in the ladder program

Set the parameters in R7655 and R7656 of the data register, and set the setting code 500H in R7657.

About base timeout time

The base timeout period depends on the communication protocol used.

K sequence: 800ms

DirectNET: 800ms

Modbus: 500ms

Sample ladder program


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