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SU series PWR, RUN LED blinking



The SU series is in operation.
The PWR and RUN LEDs are blinking and do not work properly. How to deal with it?



This symptom often occurs when the power supply unit built into the SU series CPU is out of order.
In this case, it may be recovered by replacing the power supply.
However, as a general rule, we do not accept repairs for products that have been manufactured for more than 8 years, so please consider replacing them with the successor model D4-454 CPU.
In exchange,

1. I / O modules not supported by D4-454 are not used

2. Have a backup of data such as programs and system parameters
Confirmation is required.
Please see here for the replacement with D4-454.
If the product is less than 8 years old, we can accept repairs, so please request repairs through the purchase route.


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