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TC-4W replacement



I am using TC-4W. I would like to replace it, but is there any replacement?



Please refer to the table below for alternatives to TC-4W.
However, since the shape and specifications are different, it may not be possible to substitute depending on the application.
Please consider it carefully.

mode Substitute remarks
1 TC-V6S When using the proximity sensor as it is,
Set TC-V6S to “negative logic”.
8 KCV-4S When using the proximity sensor as it is,
Set KCV-4S to “negative logic”。
2~7 none Please contact the technical consultation desk.

* About the forecast output setting of TC-V (KCV)

-Set the TC-4W preset value “SET2-SET1 value”.

・ NPN open collector output.

・ The operation is the reverse of TC-4W OUT1.

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