High Speed Increment-Decrement Total Counter

In addition to counting in two directions, these counters can use negative values. They are displayed on the easy to see green LED screen. Available options include count disable, reset prevention and negative or positive input logic. The counter can be used for positioning a moving object as shown below.


– Maximum counting speed: for both 10 Hz and 20 kHz
– The KCX-B6T is an increment-decrement type counter that enables
counting from positive range to the negative range. The total
counter with green display can be used for displaying the current
position for positioning devices.
– The KCX-B6T is equipped with counting inhibit input and reset
button function inhibit input, and supports the input of both positive
logic and negative logic.

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Information of Model Numbers

High Speed Increment-Decrement Total Counter

Model Numbers Overview
KCX-B6T Digit:6 digits
Supply Voltage:90 to 132 V AC, 180 to 264 V AC 14 VA