This tachometer is provided with a large display that is easy to read in a small DIN 48 body.
The bright character display is with a large red LED and a character height of 10 mm, which makes it easy to read from a distance and at an angle.


– The TC-V series has a compact DIN48□ size with an easy-to-see large display.
– With characters represented by bright large red LEDs, 10 mm
high characters can be clearly seen from a distance and an angle.
– The green LED is used for the preset value to differentiate it from the measured values.
– The preset value can be easily set to 0 using the setting key
corresponding to each digit, like using a digital switch.
– The TC-V series can be easily operated owing to a selection method that uses
DIP switches for basic functional setting and the digit keys for detailed setting.

Information of Model Numbers

Digital Tachometer with Single Preset

Model Numbers Overview
TC-V6S Digit:6
Power Source:100 to 240 V AC
TC-V6S-C Digit:6
Power Source:12 to 24 V DC

Digital Tachometer Only for Display

Model Numbers Overview
TC-V6 Digit:6
Power Source:100 to 240 V AC
TC-V6-C Digit:6
Power Source:12 to 24 V DC