Vibration & temperature sensor

Suitable for predictive maintenance of facilities and machines.

For sign management of facilities and machines.
For identifying the exchange timing of expendable parts.

•Sensor head have built-in 1ch of temperature sensor and 3-axis acceleration sensor.
•Data logger can receive degital data output from sensor head, and save data into microSD card or output alarm signal according to the set threshold.

※Sold as a set of sensor head "OS-000S2" and data logger "OS-000L2".
※Monitor tool software "OnSinView2" can be download from this Website with free.
※Cable length of sensor : 3m, 5m and 10m


  • This system can monitor status of temperature/vibration at all time without PC, and can compare with the setting threshold and make judgment.
  • Data can be accumulated by trigger input in daily and trend management or sign management is possible.


Information of Model Numbers

OnSinSensor System

Model Numbers Overview
OS-000D2 Sensor
【Temperature measurement】-10℃~+80℃
【Acceleration measurement (3-Axis)】Measurement range:±100m/s²(10.2G)
【Response frequency specifications】
X/Y Axis:3.0Hz to 1400Hz (-3dB with 1400Hz)
Z Axis :3.0Hz to 1400Hz (-6dB with 1400Hz)
【Protection Level】IP67

Data Logger
【SD card】microSD card (NOTE: Panasonic4GB(approximately 35-hour) is equipped)
【Number of connection with sensor】1Ch
Save trigger input:IN1 source input 24V DC/3.6mA 1Ch
Alarm prohibited output:IN2 source input DC24V/3.6mA 1Ch
Alarm output:OUT1~4 Open collector/Sync output 24V DC/100mA 4Ch
System ERROR output:ERR Open collector/Sync output 24V DC/100mA 1Ch
【Protection Level】IP20

Monitor tool software
Download from Website with free
OS-000D2-5M 【Cable】5m

※Other specifications are same as OS-000D2
OS-000D2-10M 【Cable】10m

※Other specifications are same as OS-000D2

Power Supply Module

Model Numbers Overview
C0-01AC Supply Power Source Rating:100 V to 240 V AC 50/60Hz 
Allowable Voltage Range:24 V DC 1.3 A