Vibration &temperature sensor

Vibration &temperature sensor

For sign management of facilities and machines.
For identifying the exchange timing of expendable parts.


  • This system can monitor status of temperature/vibration at all time without PC, and can compare with the setting threshold and make judgment.
  • Data can be accumulated by trigger input in daily and trend management or sign management is possible.

Technical manual, Software, CAD data

Information of Model Numbers

OnSinSensor System

Model Numbers Overview
OS-000D2 Sensor
【Temperature measurement】-10℃~+80℃
【Acceleration measurement (3-Axis)】Measurement range:±100m/s²(10.2G)
【Response frequency specifications】
X/Y Axis:3.0Hz to 1400Hz (-3dB with 1400Hz)
Z Axis :3.0Hz to 1400Hz (-6dB with 1400Hz)
【Protection Level】IP67

Data Logger
【SD card】microSD card (NOTE: Panasonic4GB(approximately 35-hour) is equipped)
【Number of connection with sensor】1Ch
Save trigger input:IN1 source input 24V DC/3.6mA 1Ch
Alarm prohibited output:IN2 source input DC24V/3.6mA 1Ch
Alarm output:OUT1~4 Open collector/Sync output 24V DC/100mA 4Ch
System ERROR output:ERR Open collector/Sync output 24V DC/100mA 1Ch
【Protection Level】IP20

Monitor tool software
Download from Website with free

Power Supply Module

Model Numbers Overview
C0-01AC Supply Power Source Rating:100 V to 240 V AC 50/60Hz 
Allowable Voltage Range:24 V DC 1.3 A