CS-31 Series

DC voltage output type / DC 3-wire type

CS-31 Series

・Detects a broad range of materials
Capable of detecting not only metals but also any type of materials, including wood, paper, plastics and water
・The CS Series
The CS Series is available in a number of different types-including the CS-85 Series metal cylindrical models and the CS-16 Series rectangular models-so that you can choose according the purposes.


– Resin cylinder type
– Non-metal objects such as wood, paper, plastic and water can be detected.
– The operating distance is adjustable with a potentiometer.
– DCvoltage output

Technical manual, Software, CAD data

Information of Model Numbers

Resin cylinder type 3-wire DC System

Model Numbers Overview
CS-31-5N Shape:Non-flush Mount Type (M22)
Effective Operating Distance:5 mm
Output Format (Power Supply):NPN NO 20 to 30 V DC
Protection Level:IP65