Control system

We raise the total power of factory by increasing levels of safety and quality.

We, Koyo Electronics, have released electronic control devices for factory since inaugration in 1955. We have responded to customer's needs of variety of production equipment by accumlated know-how.
These archevment are highly recognized in domestic and overseas.
In recent years, responded to needs of facility connection to network by produceing products like PLCs having the Ethernet ports and Panel computer. In addition, by producing Temperature and vibration sensor, we visualize and standardize processes that require highly skilled engineer.
Along with creating new products to enhance the total power of the factory, we will provide optimal applications and solutions by intermixing controler like Programmable Cam Controllers and Tachometer that have long been favoredr as long-seller products.
We make effort on sloving variou problem while grasping high levels of safety and quality as the most important task.

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