We support society of the future with know-how which is cultivated by building of FA (factory automation) system solution.

We, Koyo Electronics, have been developing and manufacturing visualization (Mieruka) equipment for various manufacturing fields such as FA. We also focus on researching and developing of technologies and products that contribute to the construction of IoE (Internet of Everything) society that will probably arrive in near future.
We promote the ‛Mieruka’and ‛Kaizen’ by treating production line of our Oizumi factory as the ‛IoE experiment dojo’.
We are increasing experience of IoE visualization while repeating startup , contemplation about how to proceed, and trial and error.
We will provide system solutions based on the obtained results and examples.

●Improvement of management efficiency
●Visualization of cycle time
●Reduction of stop time of facilities
●Visualization of production process

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