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We provide sensor that are used not only in factories but also various places of our daily life. Under the sense of mission to increase the convenience, safety and comfort of life without fail, we strive quality first and provide products trusted by customers to the whole world.

●Elevator:Rotary Encoder for lifting-speed control and door opening and closing system control
●Escalator:Proximity sensor for lifting direction control
●Bording bridge:Rotary Encoder for door positioning
●Amusement facility:Sensor and Rotary Encoder for positioning attractions
●Golf course:Sensor for positioning the cart
●Washing machine:Sensor for sensing liquid levels in the container
●Packaging machine:Sensor for detecting remaining amount of Roll diameter
●Conveyor furnace:Rotary Encoder for detecting transit time in furnace
●Press machine:Temperature and vibration sensor for degradation diagnosis and sign maintenance of large motor

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