Release information of Rotary Encoder Cable


We have started sales of Cable being used in our Rotary Encoder.
Not only as an extension cable of Rotary Encoder, but these cables will help control and hold communication in Factory Automation system.

【Cable Line-up】
・5-core shielded oil-resistant cable
⇒F-SRA-□M (available for Open collector and Totem pole)
・4-twisted pair shielded oil-resistant cable
⇒F-SRV-□M (available for Line-driver)
・12-core shielded oil-resistant cable
⇒F-NA12-□M (available for Absolute type for up to 12-bit )

※We offer 3 types of cable lengths, 5m, 10m, and 20m. (either 5, 10 and 20 iw put in □ embedded in model number)


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