Notification of updating of monitor tool and instruction manual for OnSinSensor System


We’ve updated monitor tool and instruction manual of OnSinSensor System.

【Updated file】
1. Monitor tool “OnSinView2” Installer(V1.1.0) (5 MB)
File name          : OnSinView2 Installer(V1.1.0).zip
File details       : Monitor tool OnSinView2 installer in a zip file
Update details: Support three languages ⇒ English/simplified Chinese/Japanese

2. OnSinSensorSystem Instruction manual (English, Japanese, Chinese)
File name          : OnSinSensorSystem Instruction manual
File details       :Instruction manual in PDF format for OnSinSensor system
Update details  :  Add changing method of languages (English/simplified Chinese/Japanese), the language settings, and Q&A section

Please download monitor tool and instruction manual before using OnSinSensor System.

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